Genext Students: Providing chances to the adolescent

Getting training is without a doubt the most basic part of our life.It gives us a point of view to predict a superior a world and bring changes for the advancement of society. Be that as it may, presently the situation of training has changed.A current method for educating is assuming control over the conventional method for instructing. The issue isn't with the kids; there is such a great amount of weight on them that they need to search for better choices. Concentrate in school isn't sufficient to finish the whole prospectus. They need to search for educational costs to get additional training. In this profoundly aggressive time, it is basic to score well in examinations.

Private educational costs have shaped the new example of the instruction framework. Not all understudies share a similar getting a handle on capacity, some see quick yet some not. For the understudies who need scholastic help, the Private tuitionis an aid. In a class brimming with understudies, the educator can not give approach regard for each understudy. Because of this, it ends up troublesome for a few understudies to comprehend what is being instructed. Private educational costs empower the coordinated association which causes the understudies to get appropriate consideration; the coach shows signs of improvement comprehension of the understudy's solid and feeble focuses. A few understudies are bashful to ask their questions in the classroom, yet in private educational costs, they can ask all their any questions decisively.

Itbenefits both the coach and the understudies from multiple points of view. gGetting an occupation is exceptionally troublesome nowadays in view of the extraordinary competition.Teaching is the best calling for qualified individuals. It is a standout amongst the most regarded callings. Private educational costs are currently a need of each parent and understudy. The compensation is adequate for the coaches. So private educational costs give occupations to excited individuals who are prepared to give themselves to upgrade the learning ofthe understudies.

Numerous organizations have come up attributable to the expanding requests of private coaches. Genext Students is given India's first half and half coaching stage which implies it gives talented guides as well as updates every one of the subtleties and records of the mentors on the online site. It encourages the understudies to discover great guides who have a top to bottom information of the topics. Genext Students skillfully takes into account the scholastic prerequisites of the understudies, and along these lines, it has topped the rundown of organizations offering private home guides.

Genext Students was conceptualized by two cousins Ali Asgar Kagzi and Asad Daud. They have set another pattern by flawlessly utilizing the innovation to help understudies. The development of training with the assistance of innovation is its most huge favorable position. It gives educational cost Tuition Teachers in Pune and numerous different urban communities. Headway in innovation has given numerous better approaches to get development in the training division. The author of Genext understudies, Ali Asgar Kagzi, says "It is currently our duty to improve the excellent personalities of developing India with the cutting edge instruction framework."

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Organization Profile - Genext Students

The world is moving at a quick rate today. In such a world, the rate of rivalry among individuals to get the best position in their field has turned into a major ordeal. Also, rivalry to exceed expectations in scholastics is contacting the pinnacles. Subsequently, it is amazingly important to see that one, who is enthusiastic about instructing, gets the chance to show the world the correct sort of things — alongside the correct sort of abilities and devices. That is the thing that Genext Students is about.

Genext Students Private Limited is a start-up, helped to establish by Ali Asgar Kagzi and Asad Daud, that expects to change the instruction framework with its one of a ruler contemplate stage. India's first half and half mentoring stage, Genext Students goes for consolidating instruction with innovation, creating an intelligent and energizing outcome for the understudies as well as for the guides too.

It utilizes the correct parts about innovation and the Internet to reform the entire experience of home mentoring. This has additionally delivered better showing openings for work for home mentors. Understudies, then again, likewise have the benefit of accepting investigation material (both on the web and disconnected), standard tests, notwithstanding the entire experience of another examination circumstance. Guardians additionally get a chance to follow their kid's advancement.

Along these lines, Genext Students is today an unquestionable requirement for anybody needing a Teaching Job in Bangalore and with the correct sort of enthusiasm for showing the coming age. In addition to the fact that it helps the understudy or the parent, the instructor develops to his/her most extreme potential, and harbor great relations from one end to the next.

On account of its exceptional and unmistakable experience gave to the network all in all, Genext Students has likewise been granted the "Red Herring TOp 100 Asia Awards" and been recorded among the "Main 40 Edu-Tech Startups".

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Company Profile: Genext Students Tuition in Pune at

Genext Students is India's first Hybrid Tutoring Platform joining the best of private mentoring with innovation empowered learning for CBSE, ICSE, International and State Boards. Conceptualized by the two Cousins  Ali Asgar Kagzi and Asad Daud, Genext Students is a one-of-its-kind stage that carries quality home mentors alongside high-quality content (online and disconnected) to the doorstep of needy guardians/students utilising innovation as a critical driver. Their technology-based educational platform plans to enable the guardians to locate the most appropriate home coaches for their children alongside gaining admittance to propriety and technology tools to get real-time updates on examine progress and performance of their kids.

Tuition in Pune at makes a whole learning environment for students, parents and also the mentors, empowering them to associate with each other, learn in an ideal way and develop to their highest potential. It encourages the mentors to stimulate the all-encompassing advancement of the students through a blend of face to face coaching and much-customised innovation-driven learning through content, tests, and real-time progress tracking and analysis, thereby addressing the quality education in the nation. Consequently, furthermore, encouraging the parents, the company additionally enables people who are interested in teaching to become get jobs at the company, and thus, driving the production of an influx of 'TUTORPRENEURS' across the nation.

The company have been granted as a champ of RED HERRING TOP 100 ASIA COMPANIES award (2016) and been recorded among TOP 40 EDU-TECH new businesses in the Asia Pacific (2015). Throughout the years, we have expertly made vital associations with leading organisations like Samsung, Intel, IBM, Vodafone-Idea, Airtel, PVR, and so on.

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Genext Students: Providing opportunities to the youth

Obtaining education is undoubtedly the most critical aspect of our life.It provides us with a perspective to foresee a better a world and bring changes for the betterment of society. But now the scenario of education has changed.A modern way of teaching is taking over the traditional way of teaching. The problem is not with the children; there is so much pressure on them that they have to look for better options. Studying in school is not enough to complete the entire syllabus. They have to look for tuitions to get extra practice. In this highly competitive era, it is imperative to score well in examinations.

Private tuitions have formed the new pattern of the education system. Not all students share the same grasping ability, some understand fast but some not. For the students who require academic assistance, the Private tuitionis a boon. In a class full of students, the teacher can not give equal attention to every student. Due to this, it becomes difficult for some students to understand what is being taught. Private tuitions enable the one to one interaction which helps the students to get proper attention; the tutor gets a better understanding of the student's strong and weak points. Some students are shy to ask their doubts in the classroom, but in private tuitions, they can ask all their any doubts without any hesitation. 

Itbenefits both the tutor and the students in numerous ways. Getting a job is very difficult these days because of the intense competition.Teaching is the best profession for qualified people. It is one of the most respected professions. Private tuitions are now a priority of every parent and student. The pay is sufficient for the tutors. So private tuitions provide jobs to enthusiastic people who are ready to devote themselves to enhance the knowledge ofthe students.

Many firms have come up owing to the increasing demands of private tutors. Genext Students is provided India's first hybrid tutoring platform which means it not only provides skilled tutors but also updates all the details and records of the tutors on the online website. It helps the students to find excellent tutors who have an in-depth knowledge of the subject-matters. Genext Students adeptly caters to the academic requirements of the students, and therefore, it has topped the list of companies offering private home tutors.

Genext Students was conceptualised by two cousins Ali Asgar Kagzi and Asad Daud. They have set a new trend by beautifully using the technology for the benefit of students. The innovation of education with the help of technology is its most significant advantage. It provides Tuition Teachers in Pune and many other cities. Advancement in technology has provided many new ways to get innovation in the education sector. The founder of Genext students, Ali Asgar Kagzi, says "It is now our responsibility to enhance the beautiful minds of growing India with the modern education system."

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Company Profile - Genext Students

The world is moving at a fast rate today. In such a world, the rate of competition among people to get the top position in their field has become a big deal. And competition to excel in academics is touching the peaks. Hence, it is extremely necessary to see that one, who is passionate about teaching, gets to teach the world the right kind of things — along with the right kind of skills and tools. That is what Genext Students is about.


Genext Students Private Limited is a start-up, co-founded by Ali Asgar Kagzi and Asad Daud, that aims to change the education system with its one of a king study platform. India’s first hybrid tutoring platform, Genext Students aims at combining education with technology, producing an interactive and exciting result not just for the students but for the tutors as well.

It uses the right parts about technology and the Internet to revolutionize the whole experience of home tutoring. This has also produced better teaching job opportunities for home tutors. Students, on the other hand, also possess the privilege of receiving study material (both online and offline), regular tests, in addition to the whole experience of a new study situation. Parents also receive an opportunity to track their child’s progress.

Thus, Genext Students is today a must for anyone in need of a Teaching Job in Bangalore and with the right kind of passion for teaching the coming generation. Not only does it help the student or the parent, but also the teacher grows to his/her maximum potential, and harbor good relations from one end to the other.

Because of its unique and distinctive experience provided to the community as a whole, Genext Students has also been awarded the "Red Herring TOp 100 Asia Awards” and been listed among the “Top 40 Edu-Tech Startups”.

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Company Profile: Genext Students Private Limited

Every human is born with some goal which they wish to achieve later in life. Hence, getting a complete education is the first step in that direction. Since childhood, parents start to take active participation in teaching their kids, looking at their homework and helping them out wherever they need help. But, it's not always they have time to do it. Hence, came the concept of private tutoring. To become extraordinary in studies and for getting that extra edge in studies, it's important that the students actively participate in their studies and work hard to give that extraordinary performance in the school and in life both.

Finding an appropriate tuition teacher was never an easy task. Hence, with the technological changes and commencement of the Internet this problem had also been reported. Many online platforms have come up to provide online home tutoring services in different cities of India. They do this by providing a list of eligible and suitable home tutors, and the user is supposed to pick or chose the tutor suiting their children's requirement. One such incredible platform is Genext Students. These people basically provide ​Home Tutoring Jobs in Lucknow​, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and a few more major cities. By providing the tutoring jobs in these different cities, they have made the life of not only the tutors but even parents who are in a desperate need of tutors.

Their content is in a digital-based format meaning everything is available online. They incorporate national boards of CBSE, ICSE, Maharashtra and Rajasthan Board. The demands for home tutor jobs in Lucknow​ are especially high. Parents are mostly so much engrossed in​         their works that they early realise the need for home tutors and therefore start looking for one as early as possible. Genext in this manner gives out a list of eligible home tutors and parents are supposed to choose the one suiting their requirements. 

It's Founders, Ali Asgar Kagzi and Asad Daud, and they call Genext as the best platform which has brought the best quality tutors directly at the doorsteps of parents and students. It's been awarded the award of top 40 EDU-TECH startups in Asia Pacific 2015.

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Genext- Company Profile private home tuitions in Bangalore

In this virtual world where everything is getting digital, no brand or company can provide services if they can not establish their digital reputation. Every sector is providing their services via online, and the educational sector is one of them and it is very important also to compete with the current trends and international markets.

Genext has successfully utilized the power of the internet and has established itself online and has made a name for itself. Genext provides an incredible solution for every student and parent who is looking for Private Home Tuitions in Bangalore, Mumbai, Jaipur and all the major cities of India. It provides quality home tutors to the doorsteps in just a few clicks.

Genext is providing a revolutionary service, and no other online platform is fully dedicated as Genext which makes is different from others. There are good opportunities for the Private Tutors Home in Bangalore and major cities of India. They just need to register themselves, and that's it. So basically Genext works as a mediator for both tutors and parents. It also provides study notes, past sample papers, assessments tests and performance analysis reports through study content app. Parents and students can track their growth also. It provides a study from the comfort and safety of home, and there is a 100 percent replacement guarantee also.

Genext is allied with reputed names like better, Ola, PVR cinemas, Idea, Intel and so on. It is featured in startup daily, Dainik Jagran SBM connect, mid-day and many other reputed names in the news industry. Genext has won several awards on the national and international level for its effort and contribution in the field of education.

Ali Asgar Kagzi and Asad Daud are two talented hands behind this Idea and their dedicated team is the reason behind the success of Genext.

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Company Profile- GENEXT Students Private Limited

Genext Students has started helping in the teaching-learning solutions in the year 2013. It's headquarter is located in Mumbai. They are spreading their wings across the country. They have already opened their child branches in Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Pune, and Hyderabad. If you are looking for Home Tutor Jobs in Hyderabad,then Genext Students is the best choice for you. You need not go anywhere for searching the jobs. They utilize the internet and other technologies for getting the requirement from the parents directly to their websites.

Once the needy people post their requirements over the website of the Genext Students, the administration and management department look for the required support and assign the opportunity to the tutorpreneurs available at that time with the skills matching as per the requirement. With the help of this third party, it has now become very easy and fast to get the Teaching Jobs in Hyderabad. The teachers are getting name and fame along with the suitable remuneration for the efforts they are making for getting the desired solutions of the problems that teachers are having.

Genext Students is one of the topmost active and efficient platforms working for the student and teachers. Genext Students are helping the students and parents. They are also helping the teachers. GENEXT Students Private Limited also provides the facility of the online content to be accessible by the students. This content may contain concepts related to the chapter of the textbook. This is also being developed by the Tutorprenuers only. In this way, we can say that we need to have a home tutor for sure. As they (the teachers at the GENEXT Students)are highly skilled and trained so it will be very difficult to find any problem in getting their children assisted with the proper solution for every single problem they are facing.

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Company Profile: Genext Students Pvt. Ltd.

The varied kinds of jobs are coming up due to the emergence of the varied genres of talent that are getting greater exposure in the job market recently. However, the job of being a teacher dates back to several ages and is the most respected one of all. It is to be noticed how the profession of teaching is linked to every other job, as knowledge must be imparted to all to carry out a certain job efficiently. This efficiency is brought about in a person by a teacher. The Home Tutor Jobs in Bangalore offer the opportunity to hire efficient teachers for the various educational purposes.

In this digital age, every kind of job seeks to apply the digital methods for an improved modern world. Teaching Jobs in Bangalore are now highly recognized by the experts of Gennext students, one of India’s most successful online hybrid tutoring platforms.

The well-recognized online tutoring for the students is efficiently provided by Genext Students. For this purpose, they are looking forward to hiring potential individuals as tutors who would be imparting knowledge to the students through online mode. A well-organized company with a promise of high professional tutoring services is indeed a renaissance in the world of education.

Individuals who have a knack for teaching and take pride in imparting knowledge to others would find their ideal platform at Genext Students. This is also an opportunity for the tutors to upgrade themselves financially too. A whole new experience awaits the tutors. A whole new dimension of teacher-candidate relationship awaits at Genext Students.

A tutor is provided with easy methods of tracking the progress of a student online itself, an opportunity to update their parents about their progress and improving the performance of the students as a whole. Individual attention to each student lets the creation of a dynamic teaching sphere. Both can function from their comfort zones, enabling maximization of the intention of making the student knowledgeable.

The CEO of Genext Students said "we aim to pinpoint towards the quality education system and we are striving to do our best. We are a proud team to be appreciated by the young minds."

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Company Profile: Genext Students teacher jobs in Hyderabad

The company Genext Students was founded by two young heads Ali Asgar Kagzi and Asad Daud. The entrepreneurs brought a revolutionary change in the education field and learning process. The old tradition of schooling and learning had taken a turn when Genext came into existence. The company, in its early years, was limited to catering online study material. It then extended to providing home tuitions. This created ease to the students to learn and grow. An additional perk that the company offered is the creation of employment as Teacher Jobs in Hyderabad and in other prime cities of the nation.

Genext is a platform that lets a person expand his abilities. Whether he is a student or a teacher learning is the main objective of the company. They believe “higher the intellect, stronger the nation." The progress of the nation relies upon the intellect and skills of the people residing in. if they have knowledge that is used in favour of the nation, then it is the strongest wealth a country can have.

The hard work of the company can be seen in the success stories of the students who have been linked with Genext Students. Genext students teach a number of subjects online as well as home tuitions. Their work as a home tutor is commendable. They have brought the education both on screen as well as on doorstep.

They understand that learning through screens is difficult that is why their home tutoring strategy is made so effective that it is hard to deny for any student. These tutors go an extra mile to make the dream of a student come true. They not only offer the knowledge of books but they teach life. One can get connected to next through their offices and website

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Company Profile- Genext Students Private Limited

The change in the education system every year makes it more difficult. The new addition to the syllabus, new patterns of exams, new sections added to subject and etc. But this new change is not a challenge for students only. This is also quite hectic for the institution to teach every student efficiently giving time keeping up with the advanced learning processes.

And as solution home tuition is the best. It is way better than sitting and not understanding a thing in the chaotic coaching classes. Genext Students is one of the business organisations which provide online education in India founded by Ali Asgar Kagzi and Asad Daud.

Genext students not only provide online education to students but also offer Teaching Jobs in Bangalore. It has a whole set of process for selecting tutors online based on their qualifications and skills. Since 2013, Genext has employed over 6000 tutorpreneurs and has conducted over 55,000 tutoring sessions.

Genext uses technology in a versatile manner.  Genext Students caters to the students of CBSE, ICSE, State boards like RBSE, UP board and international boards of classes K-12 across India. They provide the materials in text and audio. It includes video clips also which is easily available in its app.

Due to such responsible initiative towards the education system and taking care of students as well as teachers have been awarded. They have been honored with 'Yuva Udyamita Protsahan Yojana' in Rajasthan. Not only that they have been nominated in ‘Red Herring Top 100 Asia Companies Award'. Also, they are listed among the top 40 ed-technology savvy start-ups present within the Asia Pacific.

Genext has acquired Mumbai, Lucknow, Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad. And in coming years, it will acquire all over India providing personalized home tutoring and also Home Tutor Jobs in Bangalore.

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Company Profile- Genext Students looking for home tuition in Pune at genextstudents

Genext Students have opened another branch o in Pune. It has many facilities and aims to be the best educational institution in Pune. Genext Students provide features like digital learning, online classroom program and many such things too. But the reason that makes Genext Students favourite all over the nation is that it provides home tuitions for students of every standard.

Home tuitions are considered better than classroom learning as it helps the child to learn and study at home and also a student won't get tired due to collapsing classes. A student Looking For Home Tuition in Pune at genextstudents can get many benefits from the institute.

Apart from this, Genext Students also keeps a track record of the performance of the child each week and sends the report to the parents so that they can see whether the child is studying or not. Also, Genext Students arrange a free demo class for the student, so that the parents can see whether the teaching methods of the teacher are good enough for their child or not.

They even guarantee a 100% replacement for the teacher if they don't like him/her. Inquiry For Home Tuitions in Pune at genextstudents is a lot easier than searching for an academy for the student. One just has to state out the requirements of the teacher and also the subjects that are needed and then they would get a list of teachers matching their requirements. From this list, the parents can choose a tutor and can request for a free demo. Genext Students has been a lot of help in other metro cities and also strives to be the best in the field of education academy in Pune too.

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Company Profile: Genext Students

Just like food, clothes and house, education can also be included in the basic needs of humans. Education is mandatory, but incorporating it logically and in a fun way is the need of this hour.

Genext Students is a private company that initially was involved in providing content, but now its co-founder Ali Asgar Kagzi along with Asad Daud has integrated many new features like online tutors and home tutors. You need not worry about your place of residence, for Genext Students, wherever you stay, they let you. Suppose you stay in Pune, you can easily search for Home Tuitions in Pune at, and a tutor will be provided to you who will take care of your child’s studies.

Genext Students aims to incorporate education at a high level. Earlier, education was only about cramming, but now Genext Students has taken it to understand and to learn. At Genext Students, a student is free to clear all his doubts, they provide quality study materials, through which a student can solve many questions and clear all his doubts; online videos are available as well, and thus, there is a scope for understanding the concept or studying the topic whenever he wants.


Genext Students has released the stress faced by students to a great extent. Now, they do not have to run here and there for coaching. Tutors now come to their homes. Let's take an example of Pune, type Home Tuition in Pune at and then the Genext Students will take care of sending the tutor at the student’s home.


Genext Students has won many prizes like Red Herring Top 100 Asia Companies Award in 2016,

EdTech Review IndiaYoung Entrepreneur Award in 2018, which shows that it is one of the most upcoming and trustworthy company when it comes to combining study and awesomeness altogether.


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Home Tuition in Pune at

The new pattern of education is very difficult for the students as compared with the early days when the students used to go to school and the teaching material provided by the teachers and a little bit of self-study was sufficient. Along with that, the extent of competition is increasing with days.

And today studies are getting more and more complicated.

In this kind of scenario, home tuitions play a very vital role.

Many start-ups like Genext came up providing Home Tuition in Pune at is making studying a lot more convenient for students in current days.

The entire activities like projects and assignments given by the schools to the students become easy with home tuitions. Genext students are doing very well in this field, as they provide home tuitions and also make study easy by putting everything each and every material on the web.

Children these days want to be in touch with techniques and science and Genext students does the same; this home tuition helps the students and makes the internet study friendly

Genext students are also very helpful to the parents as they help them in keeping a track of how their kids are working and how much they improved in their studies. Also, daily reports are given to them how their child is performing in the conducted exams as well.

Genext students are always there to help both the parent and the child regarding every query for getting a tutor.

Genext students led by qualified directors have also received various recognitions for such work.

Also, Home Tuition in Pune at holds a place in getting the best tutors anyone can find in their city.

They all work to make the education industry go smooth and improve the quality of education provided to every student out there.

They also help the students in saving time to search for study materials here and there so that they can devote the whole time to studies.

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Genext home tuitions in Pune

As we all know, the world has transformed from what it was 10 years ago and is constantly transforming. So, why should our education system remain static? The Internet has revolutionized the way we deal with the world. It has changed the education around the world. Genext Home Tuitions in Pune has started this unique and innovative way of teaching students to gain knowledge via fun and interesting methods.


The technology-driven methods used by the company are very helpful as the students are getting outstanding tutors and excellent study materials right in front of them without even putting any extra efforts. Genext has simplified parents' problems with its services because they are now carefree as their children are in right hands. The tutors and the parents can regularly discuss the progress of their kid, plus the tests which are conducted regularly are an effective way to analyze the progress of the student.


The team led by Mr. Ali AsgarKagzi and Mr.AsadDaud is spreading its territory throughout the country apart from Pune. The company is flying high in the major cities of India such as Mumbai, Hyderabad, Lucknow, and Bangalore. The founders are successfully achieving their goals of making India educated by their non-conventional and innovative methods of teaching. Students all over the city are finding Genext Home Tuition in Pune quite helpful in their studies and in fact, are looking forward to more and more interesting lectures which are conducted through audio/visual methods.


The co-founder, Mr. Ali AsgarKagzi, said in an interview that they are looking forward to making their teaching methods more advanced by adding some more technological methods which are going to be of great help to the students.


Genext Home Tuitions in Pune has now revolutionized the way we look at education in our country.

Company Profile:Genext Students Private Limited

With the time changing and the world becoming internet savvy, the education system is changing for a better world. As in the international market, the education is more interesting therefore India is also following in its footsteps. With the birth of the internet, the entire module of teaching and education has changed for a better tomorrow.

At Genext, the sole motive is to use the grip of the internet and the power of technology in such a manner that the ways home tuitions are brought about are simplified. Genext Student Home Tuition in Pune is a great alternative and the most effective way of providing home tutor services in the most tech savvy area and fast growing area of Pune. Nowadays with the scope of internet in every student’s hands, all of them are looking for the most specified way that provides great services and Genext students home tuition in Pune is the best possible bait. It provides a great way for the student as well as the parent to keep a check and get involved in a new and an effective way of learning the courses. The company's main aim is to provide good quality education service with the most simplified way.

Genext Students Home Tuitions in Pune is a great way by which the company is establishing its name in the way of a revolutionary and a great visionary. It not only is changing the way education is spread in the nation but is providing great opportunities for the job to tutors to impart their knowledge and ideas to today's students and enlighten their young minds. With the world depending on the internet many students can get the course content at their doorstep which saves their time and efforts too. It's a unique service with much additional benefit as a student gets the content in forms of digital media.

Genext students take pride in creating an innovative and revolutionary education system for which it was awarded by the Rajasthan state with the award under the ‘Yuva Udyamita Protsahan Yojana’.

The dynamic duo of Ali Asgar Kagzi and Asad Daud, Genext Students aims at being the one that takes the education industry by storm with its innovative ideas and great home tutoring approach.

home tuition in Hyderabad

Genext Students is one company that will provide you with the best home tuitions in Hyderabad. Home tuitions today have become a part and parcel of everyone’s life. This is because home tuitions are greatly instrumental in improving the grades of the students. Genext Students understands this and thereby helps you to get a very good Home Tuition in Hyderabad.

This is a company which has been providing home tuitions for a very long time. They understand that the needs of each student are different. So they will provide you tuitions that will cater to your needs.Their services are also quite affordable.

Their teachers are highly qualified and so they have a lot of knowledge about the subjects that they teach. They help the students understand each and every topic in details and thereby they are able to perform well in the examination.Another very big advantage of this company is that they provide home tuition in Hyderabad at your doorstep. The students do not have to travel long distances in order to get the services.

This company is said to provide excellent Home Tuitions in Hyderabad. They also provide the students with practise questions. These questions prepare students for their examination and also help them to manage their timings. In order to get associated with this company you simply need to log in and enter your details. Their representatives will call you back. You can then let them know in details about your requirements.

The company also arranges for demo classes. The company today is said to provide the best home tuition in Hyderabad. They also arrange for demo classes for the students. In these demo classes, the students are taught for a day by a tutor. Only if he or she is satisfied with the tutor then he can continue classes. In case the student is not happy then the company will provide him or her with a new teacher.



In the fast-moving and modern world, achieving success is very important as opportunities are shrinking and demand is increasing than ever before. Therefore, staying ahead in the race of the constant “competition” is very important. However, in this busy world, who has the time to spend on children? Every parent wants to make their children reach the top list but they do not have the time to look after their children's education. In such a situation, Private Tutors in Mumbai would be a boon for both parents as well as the children


To give real meaning to education, Genext provides the best tutoring solutions for all classes from K.G to 12th. It integrates the technology and internet along with quality teaching. This firm strives to provide an environment that is most appropriate for your children. The tutors here are well-qualified and patient. It not only provides the most compatible teachers according to your requirements but also provide study material that would be very helpful for your child and your child would definitely score better. Genext has a huge list of students who have passed their exams with flying colors. This organization understands the need for an impactful education and therefore, provides the resources and study materials that will not only help to score better but would also help your child to become a better human. You can select Private Tutor in Mumbai based on your location and your work would be done.


If you feel that your child is lagging behind his/her classmates then nothing can be more helpful than Private tutors in Mumbai. Genext provides an affordable education at your convenience. Do not delay further and give your child a platform where he not only learns the lessons but also learns good values and virtues. Visit Genext to avail the best tutoring solutions.

Company Profile: Genext Students Private Limited.

Getting education is a motto that this generation certainly believes in. One more thing that excites them is the concept of technology. Genext students have brought these two considerations together and have come up with an excellent service. It is to create an online medium that helps students connect to the finest tutors. Finding great Home Tutor in Mumbai isn’t such mess anymore.

Mixing education and technology together definitely helps students, their parents and also the tutors looking for jobs. This is certainly one thing that overall works for Genext students as well. The need of home tutors in this country is immense. And finding a good one in Mumbai is difficult. But with this site, things can always work on a student’s stride.

They will certainly get through the most suitable Home Tutors in Mumbai. Parents will no more have to worry about their children's education as well. They can easily connect to the tutors online and keep a check on their kid's performance through an app or the site itself.

The tutors will have the equal luxury in their lives. They certainly will not have to look for work here and there anymore. The Home Tutors in Mumbai will now have their desired earnings in Mumbai without much problem. Certainly, contributing to the education of young minds, this company is spread over a vast number of cities.

It was started by the cousins Ali Asgar Kagzi and Asad Daud. This became the very first hybrid tuition platform in the country. Of course, one can vouch for its success with the awards it was honoured with. A position in TOP 40 EDU-TECH start-ups in Asia Pacific (2015) being one. Quickly followed by RED HERRING TOP 100 ASIA COMPANIES award (2016) as well.